Learning to see again

Photography is a discipline of learning to see. As a photographer, I do not start with a blank slate when creating an image. I capture a scene from the world around me and hope to direct the viewer’s attention to something worth considering. To do this well, I must have eyes that are open to the quality of the light, the arrangement of forms, and the impact of color.

One of the great joys I take in carrying a camera is discovering beauty that might have been missed. It delighted me to find this little plant growing in a drainage pipe set within a concrete retaining wall. I have walked my dog past this spot countless times, and most of the time I pay it little attention. But on this day, I stopped to notice the resilient life peeking out of the hole and striving for the sun. It reminds me of how often God brings new growth in the midst of the mundane moments of our lives.

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